General Rules & Info

General Property Information & Rules:


  1. Check-in 3pm; Check-out 11am
  2. The Pool, Grounds, and Honor Bar are always open. Come and go as you please but please make sure the gates are closed firmly behind you both for the security of the property and the safety of our dogs.
  3. This is a residential area so keep it down after 10pm. That’s means really keep it down. Part of what allows us to operate is the respect we give our neighbors and a solid 8 hours of sleep so we can maintain our property for your enjoyment. If you plan on partying late night please consider visiting one of many bars within walking distance who survive on your visits.
  4. Please clean up your trash: We recycle and have bins all over the property including your rooms. Only plastic, paper, and aluminum belong in the recycling bins.
  5. Your privacy is important. We don’t want to invade your privacy and so unless you ask we won’t enter your space. That means you need to let us know if something needs addressing. Any room issues, special needs, room amenity replacements, or requests can be made by phone call  @ 504-267-1564 or on the property whenever we see you! Please let us know if you experience difficulty with anything on property. It is a nearly 200 year old building and has lots of quirks but we know them all!
  6. We try to be as green as possible: That means limiting energy use in terms of lights, laundry, and consumables. Hang towels up for multi use, get the last bit out of your bath amenities, reuse your plastic cups from the bar if possible, recycle cans into the trash can marked Recycle at the bar, and try to turn off the lights and TV’s when you leave any area. 
  7. Excess guests above (16) sixteen are $50 per person per night. There is one queen size air mattress on property and King Size Rooms 1 & 8 can accommodate it.
  8. Single room rentals are only allowed surrounding (3) three day home rentals and at a flat rate of $200 per room with a 10% discount.
  9. We live on site on the first floor in the back of the main house. In a property emergency call the business number or come knock on the french doors by the pool. In a medical or safety emergency call 911.