Events at Macarty House

Interested in hosting an event at Macarty House? 

We have hosted many events on site: Wedding Ceremony and/or reception, rehearsal dinner, Day After Brunch, Pool party, Welcome Party, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.

Everything you need to know is on this page!

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Important details regarding Events at Macarty House

A three (3) night minimum is required for the hosting of any event on site.

150 guests maximum.

Up to two (2) events may held during this time.

No events are held on check out day.

Macarty House Event definition: is a party or gathering of people who are not staying at Macarty House as guests with a maximum of 150 people on property at any time. 

All Event costs are in addition to Whole Home Rental Costs.

Prices range according to guest count and property impact:
75 guests or less: $3,500
76 – 150 guests: $5,000
Per Event.
*taxes & cleaning fees not included.
**confirmed guest count required 60 days prior to stay**

Event payment schedule:
20% is due at the time of booking
Followed by two (2) 40% payments
with the entire amount due in full 60 days prior to Stay.

Payment Schedule and Cancellation policy

differs from Whole Home Rental policy and is as follows:

Macarty House must be notified immediately in writing of cancellation.

All deposits & payments made up to date of written cancellation are non-refundable.

Guests are responsible for coordinating and managing their event.
This means that you are responsible for providing and supervising caterers, entertainment, and all other vendors through the conclusion of event.

Event Insurance & 2nd Line Permitting, Non-Negotiables:

You must secure event insurance and assume liability for your all guests attending.
Most home and car insurance companies event insurance.
Please check with your current provider.

2nd Line Permitting

You must register and follow safety rules of your 2nd Lines by registering with the City of New Orleans.
Here’s the link

Access to property & storage of any event items may not arrive earlier than your check-in date and must be removed from Macarty House grounds on or before your check-out date.

Special note for Your Caterers: there’s limited kitchen access. 

Absolutely no use of stove and/or oven.

Caterers may not use Macarty House’s kitchen to cook or store food prior to  of event.

Caterers may not use the stove and/or oven during event.

Caterers must remove all food (fresh + dry storage items), equipment, utensils, etc at conclusion of event.

Caterers must do a final walk through with owners before leaving Macarty House property.

Macarty House is an outdoor event space only.

The entire property can be tented and we recommend Chaps Rentals as they are familiar with our property.

Final item of note: New Orleans Noise Ordinance.

City of New Orleans Noise Ordinance Regulations Chapter 66
Article IV

10 pm – 7 am
states no amplified music or loud noise.
This includes and is not limited: amplified music anywhere on the grounds, loud conversations, etc.
All noise must cease at 10 pm.

All event guests must vacate the property by this time.

Need more details? 

Please download & review the following PDFs:

MH Rules + Reg
MH EVENT Policies
MH_Vendor + Caterer policies
MH Guest Event checklist for 60 & 30 days prior to your stay.

Still have questions?  
Please feel free to message us once you have reviewed the documents above.