Married with a Victorian

Married with a Victorian

Hi, Internet.

Lauren here. The content generator half of the dynamic duo of Daniel and Lauren Henry most recently of Macarty House Vacation Rental and Event Venue. I’ve finally done what I said I would do which is (mostly) create this website. Now we are in 2018. It’s nice here.

When we took over the property in April of 2017 we inherited a lot that went along with it. A lot of that was awesome like a vetted functioning business, a legacy of great reviews, and a dedicated customer base.

Some of it was weird. I found three boxes of legal papers, microfilm, and law books. The boxes were all labeled HOFFA. Not quite sure what to do with those.

Some of it was not great. Our first 6 months operating saw replacing 100 year old terracotta plumbing, having to remove a beautiful tree that had grown into it, and having to replace the 2nd floor HVAC system.

Then, in a class of awful all by itself, there was the old website. It was a dinosaur. It had a maroon backdrop. It had neon letters that weren’t hyperlinks. We couldn’t change it either because it was provided by the reservation software we also inherited.

Daniel and I never set out to be innkeepers. We literally never had a conversation about our dreams where this life was mentioned. He has a strong family owned small business background and I have 15 years in hospitality and we were both craving a change. When we found this place and talked ourselves into it on pure gumption we were terrified to make changes to what was clearly already a well functioning machine.

Still, this website. This website though.

To change it required we change reservation software. To do that allowed us to research and take our year of operating experience and be able to understand what we researched. Suddenly, we realized that while we loved running the business as a traditional B&B we had so much to offer large groups. Eight bedrooms, you say? All with private bathrooms? In a Victorian built in 1860? Hello, AirBnb and whole home rental.

Suddenly, we had a true freedom to make changes and really turn this place into what we feel it should be. It is a wonderful life we are privileged to create and we love sharing it with all of you. We love crafting it, maintaining it, and shepherding it to the glory we think it deserves.

So I started making the website. It’s taken me a long time despite the easy platform WordPress provides. Some of it was being busy with guests and upcoming Weddings. Some of it was procrastination. Some of it was not being quite sure how it should look or what I should say to anyone. If you’ve talked with me in person or seen the property it’s easy. It speaks for itself.  But, how was I going to translate it to the masses?

Then for the 100th time Daniel asked me, “What’s up with the website…”

I knew I just had to sit down and finish it.

It’s not finished really. It never will be. Just like a house built in 1860 it is a work in progress.

I don’t mind. Neither will you. I don’t want this place to be a perfect package.  I want it to breathe and grow and change like the soul of this wacky breathtakingly beautiful city.

So this post and this published site are little seeds I’m planting that will grow into something as strong and vibrant as the live oak across the street while I sit on our amazing porch typing this words.

Anyway, welcome to the site. I can’t wait to welcome you to our home and New Orleans. You won’t regret visiting any of them.

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