New Orleans. Live Oaks older than the city. The winding serpentine Mississippi carrying Victorian Steamboats upriver and down. Brass bands on the corner promoting dancing in the streets and ice cold drinks splashing while you dance. Genuine good spirit and southern hospitality. A bit of decay in the exposed brick of a building centuries old. Where the new world meets the old and creates something unlike anywhere else on the planet.

We welcome you with wide open arms and full plates of food. Do whatcha wanna. Have a beer while you walk. Pull up a rocking chair on the front porch. Talk with your neighbor. You’ll leave with a bit of New Orleans in your soul and be counting down the days until you can return.

You’ve made a great choice by choosing to explore our neighborhood culture. Each one has its own meter, tempo, and swing. Our neighborhoods are as diverse as our residents and each has a song to sing that adds a new verse each time you visit.

Here at Macarty House you’ll dive right into the Bywater neighborhood which is located just 1.5 miles downriver of the French Quarter and 1 mile from Frenchmen Street. In Bywater you are ensconced in a haven of quirky street art, neighborhood food and bar joints, and the lovely Crescent Park which spans the length of the Bywater and drops you off at the foot of the Quarter.

After a day of exploring the French Quarter, shopping on Magazine Street in local boutiques, or flying through the swamp on an airboat you can come home to a mansion outfitted like a private oasis. Lounge by the pool after making a cocktail at our cabana bar. Slip from day to night and head back out to any of our 20+ bars and music clubs within walking distance.

Catch a 7 minute cab to Frenchmen St and soak in the music. Head down to Bourbon Street and spend your night woohooing. Eat everything in sight. Dance in the streets. Explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the French Quarter where you can catch a glimpse of hidden courtyards and lush balconies. Talk with everyone because they will surely talk to you.

When you come home to sleep you can rest well in your private space in a residential neighborhood with dedicated quiet hours and hosts who have tried to equip the property so that all you have to do is arrive and be happy.

With space to house 16 people, a spacious grounds, and easy access to everything the city has to offer you don’t have to look any further. You’re home.